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    Technology Services

    From the initial discovery process, IEG will be able to identify and define which of the telecommunications and low-voltage systems to incorporate into the total design project. IEG can supply the expertise to handle the implementation of these systems up through and including the final review system acceptance. These various systems may include:

    CADD Services

    Engineering Services

    Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering at IEG includes two disciplines, Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics. In the area of heat transfer, an IEG principal has focused on the building environmental control and mainly HVAC systems. In the area of Fluid Mechanics, IEG Principals have focused on piping, plumbing, and pumping and flow control equipment.

    In HVAC, we have designed systems for new construction, remodeling and retrofit projects for a wide variety of buildings including:

    • Restaurants and food establishments
    • Office buildings
    • Medical clinics
    • Retail buildings
    • Tenant Finish out retail shops
    • Educational facilities
    • Auto Dealership show rooms and service areas
    • Water source heat pump systems control and operations
    • Hydronic Systems

    The Principals have also provided MEP engineering in Energy Compliance, code review, com-check calculations and engineering support to Owner-Architect and city officials in project meetings and construction permit related issues.

    In fluid Mechanics, IEG Principals have designed plumbing, pumping systems and provided flow distribution analysis for both commercial and industrial buildings. IEG provides engineering services in industrial fluids flow and building plumbing systems.

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    Electrical Engineering

    Electrical system designs provided by IEG run the gamut from the simple to the complex. Our experienced electrical engineers provide engineering design services across a broad range of electrical disciplines such as:

    IEG helps our clients successfully navigate the myriad of code compliance questions by understanding and insuring that all facets of the design comply with the appropriate governing codes such as the National Electrical Code, International Energy Conservation Code and the ICC Electrical Code. IEG engineers provide master planning services in energy conservation and power distribution systems as well as Data Center master planning. Our attention in all designs is to insure that those designs result in cost effective power and lighting systems for our clients. Furthermore our engineers work closely with our clients and architects to specify electrical systems that integrate well together. We assist in developing testing strategies that help to insure that the designed systems work and meet the design specifications developed for our clients.

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    Plumbing Engineering

    Pumping Systems

    • Plumbing Systems
    • Restaurants
    • Food processing plant
    • Office buildings
    • Variable speed pumping
    • Flow distribution systems
    • Flow control and balancing
    • Positive displacement pumps
    • Systems for the petrochemical industry
    • Pulsation and surge control in pumping systems

    Technology Services

    Voice Systems

    Voice and Data are often grouped together at the design level, but we prefer to initially investigate these as separate and unique systems. The services we provide for the voice solutions include:

    Investigation of client’s needs desires, future expectations, and preferences (PBX, VOIP, Centrex, Key systems, wireless, etc.)
    Coordination with the Local Exchange carrier for Point of Presence and Demarc issues
    Design of horizontal and backbone inside plant (ISP) pathways and cabling infrastructure Design of out side plant
    (OSP) facilities including buried, aerial, underground and wireless. Design of department, single building, or campus voice network.
    Design of the necessary copper and fiber optic media solutions
    Design for wireless, Point to Point laser (FSO), or Infra Red solution
    Design of MDF and IDF rooms
    Design of main telephone room
    Investigation and design of cable management system
    Design of emergency back-up power system
    Design of redundant path solutions

    Data System

    Data Systems provided by IEG include the infrastructure necessary to support internal LAN applications and WAN integration. This includes copper, multimode and single mode fiber optic, LEC interface and wireless (802.11) physical topologies. These include items such as:

    Investigation of client’s immediate and future needs for LAN and WAN connectivity
    Data center facility design
    Design of MDF, IDF, and Equipment Room
    Design of wireless (802.11) integration
    Design of standards compliant copper CAT5e or proposed CAT6 and fiber optic based networks Design of pathways, spaces, and administration schemes

    Security Systems

    Security Systems provided by IEG include not only basic alarm activation devices but also all systems integration necessary to provide operational benefits including:

    Access Control

    Master Clock Control
    Centralized Control
    HVAC Interface
    Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems Interface Sharing of Database Records

    Intercom Systems

    Intercom Systems provided by IEG may be as simple as stand-alone overhead paging or these systems can interface with virtually every low-voltage and telecommunications product on site. These may include such things as:
    Overhead Voice Paging through existing telephone system and microphones Zone Paging
    All Call Paging
    Life Safety Interface
    Surveillance System Interface to provide 2-way voice and video communication
    Noise Masking to create an artificial sound barrier (white noise)
    Sound Reinforcement which is typically used in auditorium environments

    Electrical and Power Distribution Systems

    Firms Capabilities in and with the use of CADD Systems

    IEG has experience in Revit, AutoCAD and MicroStation. IEG's CADD department is currently working in 2011 AutoCAD and has experience in all formats of AutoCAD 2000 - 2013. IEG has recently compleated two large hospital designs using Revit 2012. IEG is also experienced in MicroStation Versions J/7 and XM. IEG is proficient in Model/Paper Space drawing standards, AIA layer naming convention and currently working in coordination with the National CADD Standards Manual Version 4. IEG has been on many projects coordinating/creating custom design standards on a per project basis to meet the client's requirements and needs. We have worked on projects that have included 50 consultant team members in terms of communications and design.

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